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     Taking a legal dispute to a court of law can be very costly. It always costs less to try to prevent misunderstandings, avoid accidents, or informally arbitrate a dispute. There are generally four major reasons why people use the services of a court of law. One is to recover for a wrong committed against them, such as a motor vehicle accident that causes bodily injury or death. Another is to resolve a dispute between two or more parties in a business relationship. The third is to compel an action or collect a debt, such as an eviction proceeding. Finally, a court can be used to assert or take away a legal right, or challenge governmental authority.

     The right to recover for personal injury caused by another’s negligence has roots in English common law. Such actions are mostly statutorily governed these days. For example, no-fault law prevents recovery in courts, but in return provides a certain amount of medical coverage, eliminating recovery for pain and suffering. There are laws that regulate who and how much you can sue for, capping pain and suffering. In case of death, there are laws that require the establishment of an estate, as a dead person loses all legal rights in the eyes of the law. Athari & Associates has decades of experience handling such negligence or tort claims and has defended against and recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

     For decades, contracts were generally written to prevent misunderstandings among parties, but these days contracts are generally more likely to protect the rights of one side and take away the rights of another. It is extremely important that you hire an attorney to review any contract before you sign. It is far cheaper to hire an attorney for a couple of

hours to review a contract for you than it is to blindly sign a contract and have to dispute the terms of that contract later. Athari & Associates has many years of experience in small business law, and we can provide you with important money saving legal advice.

     If you are already in a situation that requires primary legal representation, Mr. Athari has years of experience to help you resolve your dispute. The answer is not always lawsuits and litigation. Litigation is expensive. Mr. Athari can try to avoid the unnecessary cost of lawsuits and protracted litigation by not allowing tempers to dictate action, shedding light on the reality of the dispute, and forecasting the ultimate result of any litigation, all in an effort to successfully resolve many disputes between parties without the need for court intervention.

     In the event you have been sued, or have reached a roadblock to further negotiation without court intervention, Mr. Athari also has several years of experience as a litigator. He has twenty years of litigation and trial experience and has successfully litigated hundreds of cases, recovered millions of dollars for his clients, and tried over a dozen cases in New York State Supreme Court. From investigation to experts, trial and on to appeal, we can handle all aspects of civil litigation.

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