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     Investing in real estate is one of the biggest decisions you can make in your life. From buying your first home to building a new subdivision or shopping center, there are regulatory hurdles to overcome, contractual matters to consider, and personal choices to make. Athari & Associates can help you make informed decisions at every step. There are several different ways that we can help.


     If you are looking to buy new property or sell your existing property, Athari & Associates is a full service broker. We are part of the Central New York MLS services that cover Oneida and Herkimer Counties. We can list your property or help you purchase property. Our services are comprehensive. From valuation and appraisal to listing and contracts, we are a full service New York State real estate broker.

     For home and land buyers and sellers, we can find you a new home or list and show your property, from basic to multi-family. Because of extensive experience with real estate investing, there are numerous questions when purchasing or selling residential units such as is the price right, are the taxes typical, are there any zoning issues, is the building properly insulated, are there any structural issues or cosmetic issues, is there adequate electric, water and sewer services, lead paint or asbestos concerns, and clear title. If you are buying or selling land, issues such as zoning, wetlands, and utility and water/sewer/cable access must be considered.


     For commercial land and property, we can help you rent, buy or sell your existing commercial property. Local townships have zoning and regulatory obstacles that prevent certain business establishments from setting up shop in certain districts. Some businesses, such as a gas station, will require New York State Department of Environmental Conservation permits. Athari and Associates is well versed in navigating and overcoming these obstacles. Whether you are a seller or buyer of commercial real estate, we can help you consider expansion needs, traffic requirements, parking requirements, lighting, water management, security, environmental contamination, and neighborhood nuisance potential. If you rent space, you also have to consider obtaining local board approval, maintenance and repair responsibilities. Finally, the more environmentally unfriendly your business, there are additional Department of Environmental Conservation regulations to be aware of.


     Once you have chosen the property you desire, the next step is the sale/purchase or lease of the property. There are many considerations here. Athari & Associates can handle every aspect of closing/leasing the property from requiring attorney approval and title searches to writing due diligence clauses into the contract. Once a contract is drawn and executed, the necessary local township permissions can be obtained, property inspections done, surveying conducted as necessary and environmental investigation performed as necessary. As the purchase becomes more complicated, we can obtain additional investigations and approvals.


     The best time to prevent any misunderstanding between buyers and sellers or tenants and landlords is while the contract is being drawn up. It is invaluable to have an attorney broker on your side with the ability to foresee problems before they arise. Athari & Associates can provide services per MLS, on a flat fee, or hourly basis in handling brokering and legal services.

      Pursuant to the NYS SOP Law, purchasers should be aware of the following guidance: (1) Prospective clients shall be required to show identification, (2) clients will have to sign an exclusive broker agreement, and clients will be required to obtain pre-approval for a mortgage loan. These matters can be discussed further during the initial consultation. Further, we follow all Federal, State, and Local fair housing and antidiscrimination laws. More information is available at this link.

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