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Athari & Associates, LLC is a full service litigation law firm that offers its services by way of both Contingency and Fee for Service engagements and retentions. The overwhelming majority of our practice involves representation of persons that were the victims of Childhood Chronic Blood Lead Neurotoxicity. In addition, we handle representation of municipal and government entities in lead poisoning recovery actions; insurance coverage and dispute litigation; as well as other complex civil litigation intended to compensate victims of over a hundred years of lead, mercury, and other toxic substance dispersment in New York State.
New York State and her citizens have always been at the forefront in ensuring that our citizens are not deprived of their freedom by injury or loss and that those that are injured or incur loss by no fault of their own are properly compensated. The New York State judiciary has always been packed with stellar and superior Judges with the ability to correctly take the pulse of our citizens, appropriately interpret our common law and properly effectuate the intent of our legislature in enacting laws. Names such as Cardozo, Cooke and Kaye will forever occupy their own bricks in the wall.
Athari & Associates, LLC continues in the same tradition, providing high-quality legal representation since opening our doors in 2007. Every day, we strive to provide effective legal advice intended to benefit our clients and litigation services intended to achieve the desired result as expeditiously and cost-effectively as possible.
"To understand one thing well is better than understanding many things by halves"
~ Van Goethe
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